Winter Magic

Feel the magic of the winter holidays. We added glam shine to our selection from the newest A-line collection shown at GrandPalace Nordic Fashion Show.

Otherwise, it's a great offer for your favorite QooQoo legacy - the most powerful design made in minimalistic print on leggings & embroidery on sweatshirts.
Enjoy Winter Magic with QooQoo!

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Make Art a part of your journey!

Our mission is to simplify your wardrobe with versatile pieces that you can wear everywhere.

Proud To be Latvian ✨❤️🇱🇻✨

Cotton leggings – this is big for us, since we do all our leggings production in Latvia! We are starting to make cotton leggings and we start with your all-time-favorite designs for the little ones ❤️

Black leggings month

Your favorite beautiful 😻 semi-shiny and leg sculpting legging by QooQoo in new designs.


  • Sweatshirts

    Our signature sweatshirts are made from super-smooth OEKO-TEX® premium quality fabrics

  • Leggings

    We are proud to sew and print the fabric for our leggings in EU, Latvia - maintaining premium quality

  • Choose Local

    We choose local craftsmanship and small producers that create our products supporting environment & local economy

  • Production

    Our designer chooses quality materials and innovative technologies to maintain curiosity in the process.